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VideoSoftwareUtilities / AdvancedOverlayEditor

Advanced overlay editor


The Advanced overlay editor is an advanced and fully configurable software that you need to design the video data overlays and dashboard layouts. The software is suitable for factory or advanced users to create overlays with any combination of graphics, text, formulas, conditional statements, dynamic variable and unit names.

With the advanced overlay editor you can design two types of overlays:

You can create re-configurable (customizable) overlays using the Advanced overlay editor. Customization helps you to use a single overlay file for different uses by configuring the visual and functional characteristics of your overlays using the related “customisation applications” which allows simple, intuitive and quick customisation of overlays.

The following diagram shows the connections between advanced overlay editor, customisation applications, and applications that uses the customised overlays.
(Note: To open the knowledge base articles associated with the related applications, click on the relevant areas on the map)

Page last modified on June 29, 2021, at 02:10 PM