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InstallingConfiguringAndCalibrating / ConfiguringTheIMU06

Configuration software

There are four sections to the CAN configuration software:

  • CAN – Configuring the CAN output of the module
  • Serial – Configuring the RS232 serial output of the module
  • General – Configuring sensitivity and filtering
  • Send Configuration – Sending the new configuration data to the IMU


Configures the CAN ports of the IMU06.

  • Update rate for gyro messages:
Update rate for accelerometer messages. The update rate can be selected from disabled up to 100Hz.
  • Data rate:
This selects the data rate on the CAN port, standard supported rates are:
  • 33.3kbit
  • 125kbit
  • 250kbit
  • 500kbit
  • 1Mbit
This rate must be set to match the rate of any other CAN devices on the system.
  • Use RT CAN Address
This enables the setting up of the 29 bit message address based on the RT message format protocol. There is more information about this here
When the RT CAN address is selected, the only option available is to select the unit ID. If there is only one IMU being used in a system this should be kept as the default ID of 1. The CAN database file for the IMU is configured for use with the default address.
If the Use RT CAN address option is not selected. It is possible to select either an 11 bit or 29 bit address for the gyro and accelerometer output.
Addresses for the gyro and accelerometer can be entered either as hexadecimal or decimal addresses.


The update rate on the serial port of the gyro and accelerometer data can be selected in multiples at up to 100Hz.

  • Pass through RT message format:
This box should be ticked if the IMU06 is required to retransmit RT format messages which it receives. A typical situation when this might be required is if the IMU06 is used along with a DL1 and DASH2. In this instance a special cable will be required to connect the units together. Contact RT for details on this cable.
If this box is ticked when the IMU06 is connected directly to a data logger it can cause problems if the data logger is set to decode and retransmit or log serial data.


  • IMU sensitivity
This option selects the nominal full scale deflection of the IMU. The actual maximum FSD can be higher. Lower levels give better internal resolution on the sensor output.
  • Filter tap value
The filter tap value selects the response of the internal low pass filter in the IMU06. The applicable values are from 0 (no filtering) up to 7. Some of the filter output responses are shown below:

Send Configuration

The serial port to which the IMU06 is attached must be selected from the drop down list. To program the new settings in to the IMU06 click on the “Send now!” button and follow the on screen instructions

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