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GPS2 / LEDFunctions

Status LED Meanings

Power (red)

On when power is applied to the unit and the firmware has started. It then briefly flashes off at 1Hz whilst the firmware is running. If it remains continuously on then power is applied but the firmware is not running.

Diff Lock (green)

Indicates details of the receiverís differential lock status. Possible states are:

Off No differential lock
Flashing briefly (1Hz) DGPS differential lock
Flashing at 50% duty cycle Floating point RTK differential lock
Continuously on Integer RTK lock (full accuracy)

GSM Link (Blue)

The GSM Link LED is used to indicate that data is being received on the correction port or via. GSM, in both GSM and radio-modem modes. Note that only the presence of data is indicated, not whether the data is or is not in valid correction format.

In radio-modem mode:

  • GSM Link LED On:
Data being received on correction port.
  • GSM Link LED Off:
No data received on correction port for at least 3s.

In GSM mode:

  • GSM Link LED On:
Data being received via. GSM.
  • GSM Link LED flashing (1Hz):
Data being uploaded via. GSM, but no data received.
  • GSM Link LED Off:
No data currently being uploaded or received via. GSM.

Error (Red)

Flashes to indicate different error conditions. The error conditions corresponding to the number of flashes are given in the table below. More than one error can be present at one time, for example a series of 3 flashes followed by 4 flashes would signify both error conditions 3 and 4 are present.

Error Code

(Number of Flashes)

Error Condition
1 GNSS module failure (not currently implemented)
2 GNSS antenna short circuit (not currently implemented)
3 GSM module failure
4 No SIM / SIM hardware failure
5 SIM config failure (SIM detected, but requires PIN number, etc)
6 NTRIP caster unauthorised
7 NTRIP mountpoint missing
8 NTRIP mountpoint does not supply all required data

Basic advice on error resolution

Errors 1, 3: Contact your Race Technology distributer.

Error 2: Check the GNSS antenna and cable.

Error 4: Check that a SIM card is inserted / try an alternative SIM card.

Error 5: Check that the GSM configuration matches the SIM card requirements.

Error 6, 7, 8: Check that the NTRIP configuration matches your NTRIP providerís requirements.

In all cases, if unable to resolve the error then contact your Race Technology distributor.

GPS Lock (Green)

  • Off: No GPS lock.
  • On: Have a GPS lock.

GSM (Blue)

The GSM Led is only used when the unit has been configured to receive corrections by GSM.

There are 3 possible states:

  • Off: GSM module and SIM card not yet initialised correctly.
  • Flashing (50% duty cycle @ 1Hz): GSM module and SIM card detected and initialised correctly, not yet connected to the internet.
  • Solidly On: Connected to the internet.

If it does not come on within 30s of starting when the unit has been configured to use GSM, check first that a valid SIM card is correctly inserted, and if so check that the unit really has been configured to use GSM by reading back the configuration.

If it continuously flashes at 1Hz, and never goes solidly on even after a period of a few minutes, then the unit has not managed to connect to the internet. This may be due to poor GSM reception, or may be due to an incorrect configuration. In particular, if the GSM reception is believed to be good, then the APN url configuration should be checked.

Page last modified on May 30, 2019, at 07:37 PM