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LapTiming-NEW / AddingTrackMarkersFromSoftware

Adding track markers from the Analysis Software

Track marker files can also be written to the Compact Flash card. The file names MUST be in 8.3 format, meaning that the entire file name must be in UPPERCASE letters, and it must have no more than 8 characters before the decimal point. The file extension MUST be .LAP, and must also be in UPPERCASE letters. If the files are not named in this way the data logger will not recognise them.

To generate a .LAP file from raw data, please refer to the section on “Adding Track Markers” in the Analysis Software documentation or Race Technology On-line Help System. The resulting .LAP file should be saved to compact flash card for transfer to the data logger. The .LAP file must be placed in the root directory of the Compact Flash card. It is advisable not to have multiple .LAP files with similar marker locations in this directory to avoid the possibility of the data logger selecting the wrong lap marker file if multiple .LAP files are present.

Page last modified on October 05, 2016, at 10:03 AM