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ECUMASTER EMU - Version 1.023

Please note: Since the ECUMASTER outputs in native Race Technology data format, so No external adapter is needed


  • EMU Version 1.023


In the Ext. Port > General menu, set the Device to Race Technology Dashboard as follows:


The Race Technology product should be connected to the ECUMASTER EMU extension port, pinouts shown below. The below example also shows the connections for a Race Technology dash:

Front view of EMU extension port

Data Channel Listings

ECU Message Name Race Technology Data Channel Resolution of Data
RPM RPM (Engine RPM) 1 RPM
Analog #1 analog 1 (Analogue input 1) 0.0049v
Analog #2 analog 2 (Analogue input 2) 0.0049v
Analog #3 analog 3 (Analogue input 3) 0.0049v
Analog #4 analog 4 (Analogue input 4) 0.0049v
Throttle opening percent Throttle position (aux 1) 0.50%
Lambda correction Lambda 1 short trim (aux 2) 0.50%
Injector #1 PW Fuel inj 1 PW on (measured time 1) 16us
Coil dwell time Coil 1 PW (measured time 9) 50us
Ignition angle Ignition angle (angle 2) 0.5 deg
Barometric pressure Ambient air pressure (pressure 1) 1kPa
Oil pressure Oil pressure (pressure 2) 0.0625 bar
Fuel pressure Fuel pressure (pressure 3) 0.03125 bar
Boost pressure (MAP) Boost pressure (pressure 5) 1kPa
Water temperature (CLT) Coolant temp (temperature 8) 1C
Oil temperature Oil temp (temperature 9) 1C
Inlet post intercooler temperature (IAT) Inlet post intercooler 1 (temperature 6) 1C
EGT #1 Exhaust 1 temp (temperature 17) 1C
EGT #2 Exhaust 2 temp (temperature 18) 1C
ECU temperature ECU temp (temperature 16) 1C
Lambda Lambda 1 (misc 1) 0.0078125
Battery voltage Battery voltage (misc 3) 0.027v

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

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