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RTAnalysisHowDoI / ExportData

How do I export my data to Excel?

There are two ways to import the data from the analysis software into Excel:

Firstly, you can export the data by entering the "File" menu and selecting "Export As Data".

This will open up a window. Select the file type that you wish to export to (in this case a spreadsheet), and the data that you wish to export. When you are satisfied, press "OK".

This will open another window. Name the file and then press "Save".

You will now have a spreadsheet containing the data that you exported.

Alternately, data cat be cut and pasted directly from the analysis software into a spreadsheet.

Open up an XY Graph, and highlight the data that you wish to export. Now copy the highlighted data, by pressing Ctrl/C.

To export the data, simply open up a spreadsheet and paste (Ctrl/V) the data in.

Page last modified on September 03, 2012, at 07:25 AM