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RTAnalysisHowDoI / PlotA3DMap

How do I plot a 3D Map

You can plot 3D track maps by using the map colouring feature. Following section describes how to add the third dimension to the 2D track map using either GPS altitude or GPS gradient.

Note: Using the GPS gradient to colour the map is normally a better way to view the data as it is more accurate than altitude data. GPS Gradient only works on the latest DL1’s and all DL2s. Also you need to enable using GPS raw data in the Analysis options, since GPS gradient is not included in standard data.

Plotting a 3D map

1. Load the RUN file and open the Track map window.

2. Click on the Options button to open the track map options.

3. Select the "Options" tab for the Track Map and check the box for "Map colour based on" and select the variable you wish to display (GPS altitude or GPS gradient )

4. If you select the GPS gradient variable, you must enable use GPS raw data in the Analysis options.

To enable using GPS raw data:
  • Click Data -> Analysis Options to open the Analysis Options window.
  • Click on the GPS options tab.
  • Check the box for Use GPS raw data and press OK.

5. Analysis software will reprocess the data and redraw the map.

  • Map colour based on GPS gradient

  • Map colour based on GPS altitude
Page last modified on October 01, 2012, at 10:31 AM