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Software / GoProVideoSupport

GoPro Video Support

Version 10 of the Race Technology Analysis Software includes full support for GoPro cameras.

You can use the GoPro support in Analysis with no additional licensing, however the functionality is limited to:

  • loading and synchronizing the GoPro video with data
  • exporting the video with data overlays at 25% of the original resolution

It is not possible to:

  • use the video alongside the data in the Analysis program
  • export videos at full resolution

If you wish to use the full features of the GoPro support, then you need to purchase a “GoPro video licence” from Race Technology. This will enable all the features including:

  • loading and synchronizing the GoPro data
  • exporting the video at full HD resolution
  • use the video alongside the data in the Analysis program for race training and analysis

Note that all GoPro resolutions and frame rates are supported, both MP4 file and LRV files. Not all GoPro models have GPS data available, if GPS data is available this makes synchronisation with Race Technology data fully automatic. Without GPS data it is a manual synchronisation process.

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  2. Compatible models
  3. Compatible recording modes
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