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Hardware / GPS2


The GPS2 is a high-accuracy dual frequency differential GNSS (GPS+Glonass) receiver, capable of measuring position at up to 2cm accuracy whilst mobile. The GNSS solution is output over serial in a format suitable for interoperating with other Race Technology devices, and over CAN to allow direct customer access to the data.

The GPS2 can be used as a standalone high-accuracy GNSS receiver. However, the standard use case is as a high-accuracy data source for use in conjunction with either the SPEEDBOX-INS or the full CATS. This gives all the proven benefits of the SPEEDBOX-INS in measuring speed and distance in dynamic applications with the added benefit of 2-3cm absolute position accuracy.

Full positional accuracy (2-3cm) is achieved by receiving differential corrections, either from a base station via. a radio modem link, or from a network RTK provider via. GSM. The GPS2 can also be used as a standalone GPS+Glonass receiver if desired, with a typical positional accuracy of 1-2m.

Typical uses for the GPS2+SPEEDBOX-INS or GPS2+CATS combination include driving-robot guidance, lane deviation testing, target tracking, precision agriculture development and many more.

Page last modified on May 23, 2018, at 02:10 PM