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OutputData / AnalogOutput

SPEEDBOX Analog Outputs

The SPEEDBOX has up to 4 analog outputs, and the data to be output on each including the offset and scaling may be configured independently. Please refer to the configuration software instructions for details of how to configure the analog outputs. The available output voltage range is -5 to 5V into a 50Ω load or -10 to 10V into infinite impedance.

The four channels can be chosen from:

  • Combined speed
  • Longitudinal acceleration
  • Lateral acceleration
  • Local Z axis acceleration
  • GPS heading
  • GPS gradient
  • GPS speed
  • GPS speed accuracy
  • GPS number of satellites in solution
  • GPS derived lateral acceleration
  • GPS derived motorcycle lean angle

With RTK option:

  • RTK yaw
  • RTK pitch
  • RTK slip
  • RTK baseline
  • RTK accuracy

With IMU option:

  • Yaw rate
  • Pitch rate
  • Roll rate

With INS option:

  • Yaw
  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • Slip
  • Squat
Page last modified on May 25, 2012, at 12:04 PM