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AnalysisManagingData / HighAccuracyExport

High accuracy export

If you intend to use your data in an external application (not just the analysis software) you will need an export licence to output the 20Hz data at full accuracy. The "Professional data" licence enables increased output resolution on following variables:

  • GPS latitude
  • GPS longitude
  • GPS raw velocity
  • Position X
  • Position Y
  • GPS heading
  • GPS gradient
  • speed
  • distance

Following table shows the above mentioned variable values of a sample data point from two data exports with and without professional data license.

Variable High accuracy export Standard export
Speed [kph] 59.57999802 60
distance [km] 10.95989323 10.95999976
position X [m] 2901.193604 2900
position Y [m] -2162.127197 -2162.5
GPS altitude [m] 302.4957886 302.5
GPS heading [degs] 140.7957764 140.9476222
GPS gradient [degs] 0.215955228 0
GPS vel raw [kph] 59.57999802 60
GPS long [degs] 14.53624064 14.53624084
GPS lat [degs] 46.02758208 46.02758222

For more information on enabling advanced features including high accuracy export, please read the License options section.

Page last modified on July 18, 2023, at 06:21 AM