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PressureSensors / IntakeAndAmbient

Intake/Ambient Pressure Sensor

High accuracy, temperature compensated, Bosch manufactured air pressure sensor. The sensor is designed for mounting on a horizontal surface of the vehicle’s intake manifold. Technical Data

Operating Temperature-40 / 130 °C
Supply voltage4.5 5.0 5.5 V
Current Consumption at Uv = 5v6.0 9.0 12.5 mA
Load current at output-1.0 / 0.5 mA
Response Time1.0 / ms
Limit data Supply voltage16 V
Storage temperature-40 / 130 °C
Accuracy (%FSD)+/-1.5%

Connecting the sensor to a data logger (DL1 or DL2) or DASH2

If the sensor has been supplied by Race Technology with a cable attached then wires from the sensors are:

  • Red - Connect to the +5v reference output from the DL1/DL2/DASH2
  • Black - Connect to ground (0v) on the DL1/DL2/DASH2
  • White - Signal output from the sensor, this can be connected to any of the analogue inputs on the DL1/DL2/DASH2

if the sensor has been supplied without any cable attached then the pin out on the sensor is as follows:

Pin 1+5v reference out from DL1/DL2/DASH2
Pin 2Ground
Pin 3Output signal

Equation to convert from a voltage to a pressure

Note that if you are connecting the sensor to a DASH2, then the equation can be simply selected from the drop down list in the configuration software. Similarly, if the sensor is to be attached to a DL1/DL2 then the equation can be simply selected from the relevant section in the variable manager of the analysis software. These equations are just included for completeness, or in case the sensor is going to be used with a 3rd party product.

Pressure (bar) = 0.575 x Vin – 0.0875

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