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Configure / LapTiming

Lap Timing (Menu 6.1)

There are various options which can be set for the lap timing functions. The majority of these will only function when the data logging option is enabled and are not yet implemented.

  • Lap Reset Value (Menu 6.1.1)
When the lap counter is set to count down rather than up from the PC configuration software, this is the value which the lap counter is reset to.
  • Use Data Marks (Menu 6.1.2)
Not yet implemented
  • Use Data As Ref (Menu 6.1.3)
Not yet implemented
  • Auto Select (Menu 6.1.4)
Not yet implemented
  • Load Lap Data (Menu 6.1.5)
Not yet implemented
  • Delete Lap Data (Menu 6.1.6)
Not yet implemented
Page last modified on November 01, 2013, at 05:39 AM