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InstallingRaceTechnologySoftware / SolvingInstallationProblems

Solving Installation problems

All Race Technology installation packages are tested on clean installation of Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 and a random selection of international versions, and home and professional versions. The only problems that we have seen with the installation packages in recent times are the following: -

  • Customers trying to install with insufficient privileges.
  • Corrupted Windows Registry.
  • PC not being up to date.
  • Viruses causing problems.
  • The PC having other issues, i.e. really needing a full reset/install of windows as something is just broken on it.

  • Security software removing and blocking files/operations. This is becoming more common.
We've even seen cases where they appear to be disabled or allow installation programs to run to the end, yet they still block legitimate file/directory operations without even notifying the user.

We would suggest the following, if you encounter any installation related issues: -

  • Make sure that you are logged on as administrator (or your user account must have administrative privileges to continue the setup without errors).
  • After installing the setup program, if you encounter program startup errors, invalid shortcuts or various other error messages including registration errors, it is necessary to uninstall the setup, restart the machine and reinstall it again. Before reinstalling it, configure you security software and add the installation program to the trusted list.
(Please note that some security software don't allow any application to run, including the installers, unless you add them to security software's trusted list.)
  • Run a registry repairing software (Microsoft fix it tool is one of the best tools to solve program installation and un-installation issues -
  • Run a complete virus check.
Note: Our software is built on secure machines, checked on separate machine with multiple virus checkers, and finally digitally signed and encrypted to make sure it cannot be changed in any way. We've had no other reports of problems from any other users. So while we never say impossible these days, the chances of a virus in our installation is absolutely tiny.
  • Check that all windows updates are installed.
  • Download a fresh copy of our software - there are a few cases where setup file get damaged during downloading.
  • Generally tidy up the PC a bit and check other applications are running normally.
  • Disabling the re-enabling Antivirus software: -
    • Reboot with the network disabled
    • Check that security settings are set at the default "normal" level on the PC
    • DISABLE all anti virus, and other security software COMPLETELY
    • Then install and run Race Technology software at the default location
    • Re-enable any security software, and reconnect to the internet

Antivirus software might cause problems even after completely uninstalling from the system. They cause problems because they might not completely restore the system to the state it had been before the installation.

For example changed registry keys or legitimate DLLs moved to quarantine but wasn't restored could cause erratic behaviour in RT software.

If you experience any problems after uninstalling Antivirus software please follow the procedure below:

  • Download clean up and repair tools for the antivirus software available from the vendor’s website.
  • Restart the PC after the clean-up.
  • Run the RT setup in repair mode (or install a newer version if available from the RT website.)
Page last modified on June 20, 2022, at 08:40 AM