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InstallingRaceTechnologySoftware / UpgradingTheRaceTechnologySoftware

Upgrading the Race Technology Software

To receive latest product features, bug fixes, and firmware updates you need to update the Race Technology software installed on your machine.
You can check whether new updates are available using the downlaod area of the Race Technology website.

Please note that Race Technology V10 software can be installed alongside with Race Technology V8.5 software.

Once downloaded, simply run the installer. If a previous version of the V10 software package is already installed, it will be removed first and user settings of the previous package will be copied to a folder as a backup. Then the new V10 package will start to install.

At the end of the installation, it will ask you whether you want to restore the user settings from the previous backup, if the new installation detects any backup folder. You can either restore user settings from backup or start with a fresh set of settings.

Page last modified on July 12, 2019, at 07:25 AM