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RTLIVEV2-MotorsportAndIndustrial / Specification

RT LIVE v2 (motorsport and industrial) - Specification

GPS Outputs position, speed, position accuracy and speed accuracy. 10Hz GPS and GLONASS as standard, 20Hz with Galileo and BeiDou and 20Hz RTK optional
Data upload Mobile data connection to online cloud storage
Internal memory 64Mbyte, enough to buffer over 12 hours of data when there is no mobile data connection
Logging control Set to log whenever external power is applied, when movement occurs, or manual control
Analogue inputs 8 external inputs, selectable 0-5V or 25V range. All inputs are protected
Low side drivers 4 low side drivers, controllable from web interface
Sample rates to cloud storage GPS at sample rate, 100Hz for other channels
Maximum No channels No hard limit, potentially 100s
Power supply requirement 12V nominal input, minimum of 9V, maximum of 20V. Current consumption 200mA at 12V in operation, and 15mA at 12V in sleep mode. +5V Reference maximum current draw 100mA
RPM signal (low level) Triggering voltage requires a low input of <1V and a high input of >4V and 15V maximum. Suitable for connection directly to most ECU tacho outputs. Maximum input frequency >300Hz
Status information 2 line x 16 character display gives live status information on connection details, data rates, post status, etc.
Case construction Die case aluminium
Connector type 25 way d-type plus SMA connectors for 4G LTE and GPS
Serial port Full speed serial port, compatible with other Race Technology products, outputs data for display on in vehicle DASH unit. Also needed for reflashing, diagnostics and configuration. Can be used to connect to an ECU interface for logging additional data.

Note: Second serial port is used for reception of RTCM correction data in RTK mode.

CAN port Add CAN output data from other devices or engine data from vehicle CAN bus. 1Mbit CAN speed
SIM card User accessible, any data SIM can be used
Antennas Seperate external mobile data network and GPS antenna connections, for optimum performance
Telemetry update rate Up to 100Hz, depending on available data rate on network
Working temperature -20 C to 50 C
Dimensions 164 x 118 x 34mm


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