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ECUType / TriumphMotorbikeCAN

Triumph Motorbike CAN Interface – Triumph Daytona 675

At the time of writing the CAN protocol is common across the Triumph range. Therefore the Daytona 675 CAN Adapter will also work with other models with a CAN bus, though the ECU location may vary.


The CAN adapter as supplied is pre-configured to decode data from the Triumph CAN bus – no user setup is required.

  1. Remove the rider’s seat
  2. Disconnect the battery
  3. Remove the fuel tank
  4. Locate the ECU on top of the air box and note that it has two multiway connectors from the wiring harness – one black and one grey
  5. On the GREY connector locate the RED and BLUE cables – these are the CAN bus cables. RED = CAN HIGH and BLUE = CAN LOW
  6. On the Race Technology CAN Adaptor locate the 1m fly lead attached to the connector labeled “ECU”. At the end of this cable you will find a label saying BLACK = CAN HIGH and BLACK/WHITE = CAN LOW
  7. These cables needs to be spliced into the motorcycle CAN bus cables as follows:
    1. BLACK to RED
      These connections should be well insulated to avoid short circuits to each other as well as the engine, chassis or cycle parts, which could seriously damage the ECU.
      # Connect your Race Technology data logger and/or dash to the other connector(s) on the CAN Adapter, as described in the CAN Adapter manual supplied, carefully routing the cables to avoid damage
  8. Reassemble the motorcycle following the reverse of the disassembly procedure

Channel Listing:

The Triumph Daytona 675 CAN Adapter will output 9 channels of data, as follows:

ECU Name Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution Units
Engine speed Engine RPM RPM VAR_0010 0.25 RPM RPM
Coolant temp temperature 8 Water temp VAR_1007 0.1 oC
Intake air temperature temperature 1 temperature 1 VAR_1000 0.1 oC
Ignition timing angle 2 Ignition angle VAR_3001 0.1 oBTDC
Throttle angle angle 1 Throttle angle VAR_3000 0.1 o
Road speed misc 4 Speed from the ECU VAR_4003 0.01 km/h
Gear position aux 26 Auxiliary 1 VAR_2025 1 -
Fuel consumption aux 27 Auxiliary 2 VAR_2026 0.05 L/100km
Fuel used aux 28 Auxiliary 3 VAR_2027 0.01 L

Note - Not all channels listed in the table(s) above may be available from your ECU. This can be dependent on the vehicle model & year of manufacture.

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