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CANConfigurationForDASH2PRO / LoadingAndSavingCANConfigurationFiles

Loading and saving CAN configuration files

CAN configuration files can be loaded and saved independently of the main DASH2 PRO configuration. They can also be encrypted for distribution where the actual configuration of the CAN messages needs to be kept confidential.

  • Loading a CAN configuration file
When a CAN configuration file is loaded, the lines of configuration data will be loaded in to the CAN input slots directly after the last enabled input line, as such it is possible to load in a configuration on top of an existing configuration. When loading in configurations, the baud rate and CAN ID length from the loaded file will overwrite the current settings.
  • Saving a CAN configuration file
The entire current configuration can be saved to a file. This will save the detailed CAN configuration as well as the channel mappings, input equations and filter settings.
  • Encrypted CAN files
When a file is ticked with the ‘Encrypt Configuration’ tick box ticked the details of the CAN configuration will no longer be visible for editing. The mapping and external scaling can all be changed but the addresses and data format of the CAN bus can no longer be seen.

Loading and saving of the CAN configuration files is all done from the CAN inputs window:

Page last modified on October 31, 2012, at 10:57 AM