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VIDEO4Technical / TemperatureOfTheMainUnit

Temperature of the main unit

The VIDEO4 main unit dissipates about 5W of power. The VIDEO4 sport uses a very small fan to aid in temperature regulation, whereas the metal body of the VIDEO4 professional acts as a heatsink and is passively cooled.

In both cases the units must be placed away from any sources of heating (engine, exhaust etc) and surrounded by free air.

Both units have a maximum internal temperate of 70oC and above this temperature will power down into a very low power state. Once the unit has cooled down the unit will power up again as normal.

Note that for sport units fitted with the internal battery operation that it is even more important to not expose the batteries to excessive temperature. If the batteries are exposed to temperatures higher than 60C then there is a risk that the batteries will leak and fail causing internal damage that is not covered by the manufacturers warrantee.

If you suspect over temperature (or power supply) problems please check the files on the Compact Flash card and look at the names of the files. The last file to be updated is the IDX file – if there was not enough time for the VIDEO4 to properly complete the file then it will have the extension “ID~”. This normally indicates that either:

  1. The VIDEO4 power supply was lost, or the voltage dropped below 9V. Note that the loss of power needs only to be very brief for this to occur.
  2. The VIDEO4 shut down automatically to protect the internal components from excessive heat. This happens if the internal temperature exceeds 70 deg C. If the unit goes over temperature, power is removed from the main board so the effect is the same as a loss of external power supply.
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