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RTKBASEPortable / Connections


4G Main and Aux: TNC 50 Ohm

The 4G Main antenna is used for transmission and reception and must have an antenna connected even if there is no SIM card and the 4G LTE connection is not being used.

The 4G Aux antenna is an optional antenna for improved signal reception in areas of poor coverage

GPS: TNC 50 Ohm

Connects to dual frequency multi constellation antenna, 3.3v

Charger connector

Binder 3 pin connector: 09 4808 15 03

Charger Connector pinout details

Pin Function
1 +ve
3 No Connection

Serial port for modem: 9 way d-type male

RTCM correction output (Radio option must be specified at time of ordering Radio kit fits internally in the case with an external antenna connection)

Pin Function
2 RS232 Rx
3 RS232 Tx
5 Ground
8 RS232 CTS
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