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DASH2PROConfiguration / RPMAndWheelSpeedInputs

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Wheel Speed and RPM Inputs

The wheel speed input simply needs a setting for the number of pulses per kilometre.

For the RPM input, the number of pulses per engine revolution must be correctly specified.

Typical values are as follows:

ECU tachometer output 1
Coil per plug ignition 0.5
Twin coil pack 1
Coil on a four cylinder engine 0.5
Coil on a six cylinder engine 0.333
Coil on an eight cylinder engine 0.25
Coil on a ten cylinder engine 0.2
Coil on a twelve cylinder engine 0.1667

Filtering can be applied for the maximum rate of change or to smooth over a number of seconds, this can be very useful if the ignition signal is very poor.

When testing the ignition pickup, always test with the filtering turned off so you can check that the data is as good as it can be before you try to clean it up with filetering.

If the internal RPM input signals are to be used, ensure that the correct one is specified. Low level for use with a simple 0-5v or 0-12v signal, and high level for a signal which is taken directly from the low tension side of an ignition coil.

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