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CANOBDII / BeforeYouBegin

Before You Begin

In order for the DL1 or DL2 data logger and DASH1 or DASH2 display to function correctly with the OBDII serial interface it is first necessary to ensure that all units are using the most up to date version of their respective firmware. Display units and data loggers shipped with the ECU serial interface will already have the correct firmware version installed, but if you have received the ECU serial interface separately to use with your existing data logger and/or display unit you will need to update the firmware on these units. The updated firmware files are included on the software CD supplied with the OBDII serial interface, along with a short technical note that explains how to identify the correct firmware file for each unit. Please take a few moments to read this file. If you are in any doubt about which file to use or the reflashing procedure, please contact Race Technology before proceeding.

NOTE: If the OBDII interface does not have a succesful connection to the vehicle it will not pass through any serial messages. This means that a DASH2 connected to a DL1 with an ECU interface would not be able to send commands to the DL1. Under these conditions the DASH2 will still be able to display DL1 information at all times.

Page last modified on November 19, 2013, at 12:23 PM