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LoadingAndSaving / RTVariableInformation

Loading And Saving Variable Information

Variable information and set up is saved automatically when you apply changes on the Variable Manager. A manually saved variable file will use the file type .VAR. To save the current variable information, go to > File > Advanced Load/Saves > Save Variable Information. Although the software will save any changes you make to the variables automatically, if you have set up the variables for a specific usage, and may wish to use the same set again at a later point, this allows you to save the information into a hard copy. Again this saves to the default configuration files directory.

To load a predefined set of variables, go to > File > Advance Load/Saves > Load Variable Information. When you try to load a .VAR file, the software will ask you for confirmation:

If you click Yes, any unsaved variables will be lost. This process can not be reversed. Once Yes has been clicked, you will be given a file locating dialog to find the .VAR file you wish to load.

Page last modified on November 29, 2018, at 07:00 AM