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RTAnalysisOptions / SerialOptions

Serial options

This tab is only for advanced use and allows the system to be configured to handle any raw serial messages in the run file. This function is available on the DL1club, DL1pro and DL1wp systems using the raw data ECu interfaces. Simply when configured these take any external serial data and store it in the run file with all the other data. In this case the logging system just stores the data, it makes no attempt to process it, convert it or "understand" it.

There are 2 modes in which the data can be extracted, with or without timing information.

If the data is exported without timing information then the serial data is extracted from the run file and saved exactly byte-for-byte as it appears in the run file. In this mode the logging and export is completely "transparent".

If the data is exported with timing information, then the file includes timing information in the following format:

The times are down the left hand side, and are in seconds. This time corresponds to the times in the analysis software. After the time stamp we can see the data that was stored, note that since in this case the file is in ASCii format, we display any legal ASCii characters, but in the case that the byte was a control character we display the hex value in double chevrons.

In all cases the exported serial data is saved to the same location of the run file, with the additional extension of .ebs (EmBedded Serial). For example:

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