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RTAnalysisLapAndSectorOptions / TheLapMarkerTab

The Lap Marker Tab

(Data -> Laps and Sector Options)

The options on this window are largely self explanatory:

  • The drop down list allows you to change the lap marker for the current one to any other that had already been added to the track map view.
  • Clicking the "Automatically add lap marker now" button adds a new marker as a lap marker to the first run loaded into memory. Since the analysis software has no way to know where the actual lap started/ended, the lap marker scans the run and places the marker on the straightest part of the track.
  • Ticking the box "Automatically place a lap marker when first run is loaded" is a convenient option for fast track-side analysis. As soon as you load the first run file into the analysis software you will be given an option to automatically add a track marker, if the user responds "yes" then this is the direct equivalent of clicking the "Automatically add lap marker now" button, and a lap marker will be added to the straightest part of the track.
Page last modified on September 25, 2012, at 11:54 AM