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GoProVideoSupport / JoiningGoProVideos

Joining GoPro Videos

Due to file system limitations GoPro cameras split video files recorded to the memory card at a certain file size (about 3.7GB). This is not a fault or a setting on the camera that can be changed.

If your recorded run was long enough to split the video into multiple files then they can be seamlessly joined using a PC and loaded as a single file into the Analysis software.

GoPro provide their own FREE software package for joining and editing the videos and can be downloaded from their website here:

The software package provides a range of video editing options, but for joining the clips to import into the Analysis software you simply want the sequence the clips in the correct order, and output them as a single video file.

GoPro provide full support for this software on their website.

Using Quicktime Pro

If you are willing to pay for Quicktime Pro (available from the apple store for about 20), it is possible to combine to files much faster. Simply cut and paste the clips together in the correct order and use "pass through" encoding to quickly create a single output video. We would recommend this as very time efficient option - taking only a matter of minutes to export the single video.

Cut and past the clips in the correct order, then export the combined video.

When exporting video select "Export: Movie to MPEG-4". Next to this select "options", then select "pass through" in the video format box. Selecting any other format will require long encoding times. Pass through will only take minutes to export.

Page last modified on April 23, 2014, at 12:30 PM