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TheConfigurationTool / UpdateRates

Update Rates

The Update Rates Tab is laid out in the following manner:

These are the channels for which you can specify the update frequencies. To select an update frequency, double click on the cell that you want. The following dialog will now appear:

The frequencies range from disabled (the value isn't logged at all), to 0.5Hz (once every 2 seconds), to 100Hz (one hundred times a second). Once you have chosen your desired frequency, click OK and return to the Configuration Tool.

For the Serial Port, the Incoming serial data and the GPS raw data options are disabled. The reason for this is that they can both have varying amounts of data. The Incoming serial data is for logging data from devices that you have connected via RS-232 cables to the Serial port on the back of the DL1/DL2. The GPS raw data is everything the GPS module transmits through to the data logger. As both of these can get extremely large, they are disabled by default.

The destination of ALL data from the serial port is determined by the serial data options, irrespective of the data type. So if accelerometer data is being received via the serial port, the storage or retransmission of this data is not controlled by the accelerometer update rate controls.

Page last modified on June 13, 2008, at 03:17 PM