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NMEADataFormat / 4GPGSV


Satellites in View shows data about the satellites that the unit might be able to find based on its viewing mask and almanac data. It also shows current ability to track this data. Note that one GSV sentence only can provide data for up to 4 satellites and thus there may need to be 3 sentences for the full information. The GSV sentence to contain more satellites than GGA might indicate since GSV may include satellites that are not used as part of the solution. It is not a requirement that the GSV sentences all appear in sequence.



 	GSV 	Satellites in view
      	2       	Number of sentences for full data
      	1          	sentence 1 of 2
      	08       	Number of satellites in view
      	01       	Satellite PRN number
      	40     	Elevation, degrees
      	083	Azimuth, degrees
      	46  	SNR - higher is better
 	for up to 4 satellites per sentence
      	*75          the checksum data, always begins with *
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