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ConfiguringDASH2 / GearIndicator

Setting up the gear indicator

The gear indicator on the DASH2 calculates which gear you are in based on the current vehicle speed and the current engine speed in RPM. To allow the display to work out which gear you are in you need to set up the gearing correctly in the table:

In each box you need to enter the range of values of kph per 1000rpm that are appropriate for that gear. For example a typical value for 5th gear might be 44kph per 1000rpm, in this case is might be realistic to put a lower limit of 40 and an upper limit of 48, to account for things like slip of the tyre and the road and the change in the rolling diameter of the tyres with wear etc. Normally it is recommended to make the ranges as wide as possible but without any overlap between them. For road cars and motorcycles the figure for kph/1000rpm is typically given in the owners manual. For race or non-standard cars and bikes this information isn't so readily available - in this case you can either calculate it yourself, or you can click the "click here to calculate from gear ratios" to open the following dialog box:

This allows you to enter the ratios, final drive, and rolling circumference of the wheel. If you click ok the table will be populated automatically based on these values. Note that once you click OK or cancel the gear ratio information is discarded - it will need to be re-entered in full if any changes need to be made to the gearing information.

Page last modified on January 22, 2016, at 11:37 AM