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AdvancedOverlayEditor / Auto-updateNamesAndUnits

Auto-update names and units

Advanced overlay editor provides a set of special strings to use with simple text controls, when these controls are used as labels to show variable names and unit names. These special strings get replaced automatically with the correct variable names and unit names according to users's variable configuration. Replacements happen when overlays are used with customisation tools, virtual dashboard and Video export.

Following special strings can be used to auto-update names and units:

  • @VAR_XXXX_units@ - used to display the current variable units as set by the user
  • @VAR_XXXX_name@ - used to display the current variable name as set by the user
  • @VAR_XXXX_units_name@ - used to display the current variable name then units as set by the user


In the following example, a digital display and two simple text controls are configured to show the "temperature 1" variable (VAR_1000), variable name and unit name respectively.

Digital display:

  • Display variable -> Variable:

Simple text 1

  • Text:
Temp 1#@VAR_1000_name@

Simple text 2:

  • Text:

Following virtual dashboard screenshots show how temperature values are displayed in three different PCs with different variable configurations with the control configuration shown above:

Designer's PC User PC 1 User PC 2

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