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VariableAndCANManager / CANVariableNamingRules

CAN variable naming rules

By using the CAN variable naming rules, you can shorten the long CAN variable names displayed on RT software. (File –> Set CAN variable naming rules)

Please note that shortening only applies to display of CAN variables and it does not update any files which stores CAN data.

RT Software shows CAN variables in following format:

Message Name_Signal name_Unit Name

(Note: Unit names are displayed only when available.)

Shortening rules are applied in following order:

  • STEP 1: First it removes Message name/Unit name portions if user selected to do so.
  • STEP 2: The result of the first step will be truncate or compressed based on the length you specified.


1. First decide whether you want to keep or remove Message name/Unit name from the variable name.

2. Then Enter display length of the message. (18 to 50 is the allowed range).

3. Select the method of shortening:

Simple Truncation:
message name will be trimmed from the end to have exact number of characters based on the length you specified.
Intelligent Compression:
Message name will be analyzed and certain parts will be removed while some known words are replaced with shortened forms. Name will also be restricted to number of characters specified in the length.
For example Underscore characters will be removed as much as possible. Words like "Message", "Signal" will be replaced with shorter forms etc.

4. Press “OK”

Please note: Duplicate names may result from shortening and Var and CAN manager adds a sequence number to the end of duplicate variable names to make them unique.

Page last modified on November 17, 2020, at 09:02 AM