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MBE 967

The MBE 967 serial Race Technology interface connects between the ECU and either a data logger or a dashboard enabling monitoring of all the data channels.

NOTE: Due to the non-standard pinout of this ECU an adapter cable is required, contact Race Technology.

The output of the ECU must be enabled for continuous operation on the serial port. Please refer to your ECU documentation for instructions on how to do this.

For the output of the MBE ECU to be decoded correctly, the 16 channel output from the ECU must be set up to send the following data, which will appear on the following channels.

The ECU should be set up with following configuration:

Bytes Channel Data Length
1-2 Engine Speed 16 bit
3-4 Throttle percentage 8 bit
5-6 Lambda Sensor Voltage 8 bit
7-8 Lambda 8 bit
9-10 Coolant Temperature 8 bit
11-12 Air Temperature 8 bit
13-14 Manifold Pressure 8 bit
15-16 Engine Oil Pressure 8 bit
17-18 Injection Time 16 bit
19-20 Ignition Angle 8 bit
21-22 Fuel Pressure 8 bit
23-24 Engine Oil Temp 8 bit
25-26 Baro pressure 8 bit
27-28 P14 8 bit
29-30 P15 8 bit
31-32 P16 8 bit

The data appears on the following channels:

ECU Name Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution
RPM Engine RPM RPM VAR_0010 25 RPM
Throttle Position Aux 1 Throttle Position VAR_2000 0.1%
Air To Fuel Ratio Volt Analogue Input 1 Analog 1 VAR_0200 0.01 V
Air To Fuel Ratio Misc 1 Lambda 1 VAR_4000 0.1 Lambda
Coolant Temperature Temperature 8 Water Temperature VAR_1007 0.1C
Intake Air Temperature Temperature 1 Temperature 1 VAR_1000 0.1C
Baro Pressure Pressure 1 Ambient Air Pressure VAR_3500 1 mBar
Oil Pressure Pressure 2 Oil Pressure VAR_3501 1 mBar
Injection Time Measured Time 1 Fuel Inj 1 PW on VAR_2500 1ms
Ignition Angle Angle 2 Ignition Angle VAR_3001 0.1
Fuel Pressure Pressure 3 Fuel Pressure VAR_3502 1 mBar
Oil Temperature Temperature 9 Oil Temperature VAR_1008 0.1C
Manifold abs. Pressure Pressure 5 Boost Pressure VAR_3504 1 mBar
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