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PressureSensors / OilAndFuel

Oil/Fuel Pressure Sensor

The fuel/oil pressure sensor is a low cost, high performance, media isolated pressure transmitter, designed for the harsh environment of automotive applications. A monolithic silicon element coupled with high level output ASIC circuitry ensures excellent accuracy and long term stability, protected within a rugged, stainless steel housing.

Suitable for the measurement and data logging of fuel, water, air and hydraulic systems. The sensor is supplied as standard with a 0-10 bar gauge pressure range.

With additional EMC protection, low static and thermal errors and high resistance to shock and vibration, the sensor gives trouble free operation at temperatures up to 125oC

Technical Data

Accuracy at 25C < 1% FSD

Stability (1 year) < 0.1%

Overange pressure 2* rated pressure

Burst Pressure 5* rated or 20000psi (whichever is lower)

Pressure cycles > 10 million

Operating temperature -40 to +105 C


There are 3 leads that come from the sensor: the red lead should be attached to the +5v supply from the data logging unit, the black lead should be connected to the ground connection and the white lead should be connected to an analogue input.


Performance Electrical
Accuracy<+/-1% FSDExcitation 5VDC
Stability<+/-0.1%Output 0.5 - 4.5 Ratiometric
Overange Pressure2xRated PressureCurrent Consumption <7.5mA
Burst Pressure5xRated PressureShort circuit protection
Pressure Cycles>10 millionReverse Voltage Protection
Housing304 Stainless Steel 
Temperature-40 to 125oC 
Shock1000G, 11msec, 1/2 SineNote:Excitation/Output
Vibration16G peak, 20 to 2000 Hz5VDC/0.5-4.5VDC

Dimensional data

Thread size = 1/8" NPT

Connection Colour Codes

0.5-4.5v, ratiometric+ Supply- Supply+ Output

Connecting the sensor to a data logger (DL1 or DL2) or DASH2

If the sensor has been supplied by Race Technology with a cable attached then wires from the sensors are:

  • Red - Connect to the +5v reference output from the DL1/DL2/DASH2
  • Black - Connect to ground (0v) on the DL1/DL2/DASH2
  • White - Signal output from the sensor, this can be connected to any of the analogue inputs on the DL1/DL2/DASH2

If the sensor is supplied without cable then please refer to the pin out above.

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