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HowDoI / FittingACableToTheBlackConnectorToPowerTheDL1MK3

How Do I - Connect Wires To The DL1


Step 1

Obtain a thin & flat bladed screwdriver or similar tool. Strip the end of the connecting wire by around 5mm.

Note - It is recommend that the installer does not tin the wire ends, as this will weaken & snap over time.

Step 2

On the rear of the DL1 CLUB's 24 way black block connector, there are four rows of slots. The two outer circular slots are where the wires will be connected, the connection ports. The middle two square slots rows, the square inserts, are for unlocking the connection ports & locking them once the wires have been fitted.

Insert the end of the screwdriver into the square insert directly above or below the connection port you wish to fit the wire into. The installer will need to push the screwdriver into the square inserts firmly to unlock the connection ports, they will feel the screwdriver slot further into the square insert as the connection port unlocks.

Step 3

With the screwdriver still in place, insert the stripped end of the wire.

Step 4

Now remove the screwdriver, leaving the wire to be gripped in place.

The 24 way black block connector will accept wire sizes 16-28AWG, 0.32-1.3mm diameter.

Page last modified on January 15, 2020, at 12:12 PM