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DASH2PRO / GettingStarted

Getting started with the DASH2 PRO

This is a brief introduction to setting up and using the DASH2 PRO for the first time, it details the individual steps required for a standard vehicle installation, for a more detailled guide to each of the stages see the main sections of the DASH2 PRO documentation.

Wiring the unit in to the vehicle

The wiring required will depend on the installation, but the following are very standard

Connect the power

Connector B, figure 8 cable. Make sure this is connected to a fused (500mA) 12v supply

Connect any required sensors to analogue inputs 1-4

Connector A, pins 1,2,5,6. If a voltage reference is required use pin 8 for 5v reference. For temperature sensors see here.

For fuel level sensors see here.

Connect the control buttons to the unit

Connector A pins 3,4,9,10, 7 for switch common More information here.

If using a data logger or serial interface, connect this to serial port 1

Connect up any output drivers being used

Connector B pins 1,2,12,13
More information on connecting these up here.

Connect to the vehicle wiring harness

This is for day/night control, alternator warning and light warnings, more information here.

Access to the USB connector will be required for configuring the unit.

Configuring the DASH2 PRO for the first time

The unit will have been delivered with a default configuration as shown here.

It is very likely that changes will be required to the default configuration. To set the unit up for the first operation the following must be checked.

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