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Reflashing / ReflashingTheDASH1AndVOB

Re-flashing the DASH1, DASH2 and VOB:

The procedure for reflashing the DASH1, DASH2 and VOB is different to that for reprogramming the other products.

In these cases, either a DL1 or DL2 can be used as the reflashing tool. The DASH1, DASH2 or VOB is connected to the Data Logger as normal, and the appropriate firmware file is placed on a compact flash card and inserted into the logger once communications between the logger and DASH1 and VOB have been established.

  • Remove the compact flash card from the logger.
  • Format the compact flash card and transfer the required firmware upgrade file to the card.

For the DASH1 and DASH2 the firmware file will be called dash.hex

For the VOB, it is called vob.hex

  • Connect the DASH1, DASH2 or VOB to the data logger as normal.
  • Turn on the data logger.
  • Wait until data communications between the logger and DASH1 or VOB have been established. This will be evident by fresh information being displayed.
  • Insert the compact flash card into the logger.

While the hardware is being reflashed, the DASH1 will display a message indicating that reprogramming is commencing, and the VOB's screen will flicker during the reflashing procedure. The DASH2 will iluminate an orange LED near the bottom.

Do not turn off the data logger while the reflashing procedure is underway. Should the process be interrupted, it is possible that the DASH1, DASH2 or VOB will default to their default communications speed of 115.2 Kbaud. If this occurs, the data logger will have to be reconfigured to this speed before another reprogramming attempt is made.

When reflashing a DASH1, DASH2 or VOB, the firmware upgrade file should be the only file present on the flash card. The presence of other files can confuse the logger and lead to unpredictable results.

Similarly, once finished the firmware upgrade file should be removed by reformatting once the reflash is finished.


Under no circumstances should the software be modified. All Race Technology products contain checking routines to ensure the software is correct. If the software is found to be incorrect, the data logger will no longer function. You will not be able to reprogram the data logger and it will have to be returned to Race Technology to be fixed at your cost.

Page last modified on April 07, 2008, at 05:26 PM