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TranslationManager / UsingTranslationManager

Using Translation Manager

First column of the grid contains all English strings extracted from RT applications. This column is not editable.

Rows of the second column contains translations of the English strings for the selected language. The second column heading shows you the Language, Region and the two letter language code.

According to the above screen capture,

  • German is the language
  • Germany is the Region
  • de is the two letter language code.

It was mentioned that for each language there is a separate file (in INI format). For example, German strings are stored in a file called Translation_de.ini.

Please note that two letter language code (de) is used at the end of the file name. It helps you to identify correct language translation file when you Import or Export files using translation manager (File -> Import\Export).

Please do not edit the language files manually. That will make the translation file unusable. Always use the Translation manager to do the edits. If you find any issues with Translation Manager, please contact Race Technology.

Page last modified on July 17, 2019, at 09:05 AM