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Operation-NEW / StartAndStopLoggingFromDASH2-NEW

Starting and stopping a data logger from the DASH2

When suitably connected and configured, the DASH2 can be used to start and stop data recording on an attached logger. To enable this feature, set up one of the buttons on the DASH2 to the “Trigger logger” function, as described in the Programming soft buttons section. The data logger must be configured with GSM mode and enabled to make use of this feature. Without setting the GSM mode option on the data logger the commands from the DASH2 will be ignored. Whenever the “Trigger logger” button is pressed, a command will be sent to the data logger to start or stop logging. The logger must be powered up and have a correctly formatted card inserted in order to commence logging.

Page last modified on October 06, 2016, at 01:50 PM