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RTAnalysisManagingData / DownloadingData

Downloading Data

Run files are not directly downloaded from the AX22/DL1/Dl2. Instead, the run data is stored on a compact flash card and then the file is loaded from the compact flash card into the computer using a 3rd party compact flash card reader in EXACTLY the same way as you would load a file from hard disk.

Firstly, connect and install the compact flash card reader in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Once you have connected the compact flash reader, it should appear on a Windows file explorer as "Removable Disk":

Then plug in the Compact Flash card to the reader and go to a Windows file explorer, when you select the Compact Flash card so that you can download data from it, the windows file explorer will display the folders like this:

The compact flash card will house the .RUN files, and the lap marker files. You can also put the setup file on, [click here for more information on the setup files]. The .RUN files are stored within folders. The folder names are RT followed by the data in DDMMYY format. The .RUN files are stored in the folder for the date they started recording on, i.e. if you had one run that you started recording ten minutes before midnight and finished ten minutes after midnight, then it would be stored in the folder for the date before midnight, and the next run would be in the folder for the date after midnight.

Once you have located your .RUN files, test to make sure it is working correctly by making sure you can see the file and you can copy data from the card to the desktop. Once you are sure that the compact flash card reader is operating correctly, go to the > File > Load menu and select the file you want to load.

Note that because the files are held on the compact flash card in normal PC format, they can be copied and moved off the flash cards using the standard Windows Explorer in exactly the same way as you would move and copy files between directories on the hard disk. Please note that when you delete or move a file from the compact flash card it is highly advisable that you re-format the compact flash car to prevent any chance of writing errors due to the way the hardware writes to memory.

For more information on Compact Flash cards, click here.

Page last modified on November 25, 2013, at 12:55 PM