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Configuration / DASH2

DASH2 Configuration

The software is broadly split in to the following sections:


  • Analogue inputs Inputs connected to the four analogue inputs on the DASH2
  • ECU interface - Configuring an externally connected ECU interface on the RS232 port
  • Other data sources - Configure other units such as data loggers attached to the RS232 port
  • RPM input Configure where the RPM data is coming from
  • Unit control inputs Set up the 6 functions available from the 3 buttons on the unit


  • Set up speed input Configure where the speed input comes from, what units are used and whether or not it is displayed
  • Set up RPM scale Set the scaling on the RPM scale as well as the telltale indicator and filtering
  • Set up shift lights Configure the six shift lights across the top of the unit
  • Set up gear indicator Configure where gear information is calculated or taken from
  • Set up LCD data areas The main configuration for what data is shown where on the screen

Other functions

  • Lap timing Set up how lap timing information is displayed on the unit
  • Alarms Alerting the driver to conditions which need attention

In addition to the configuring of the display and the inputs on the DASH2, vehicle options can be set up for power measurements or other constants which are required. These are accessed from the Options / Vehicle Options menu.

  1. Analogue inputs
  2. ECU Interface
  3. Other data sources
  4. RPM input
  5. Unit control inputs
  6. Set up speed input
  7. Set up RPM scale
  8. Set up shift lights
  9. Set up gear indicator
  10. Set up LCD data area
  11. Lap timing
  12. Alarms
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