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ProducingNoiseEmissionsResults / CalculationsSpreadsheet

Calculation spreadsheet

The supplied laptop comes with a calculation spreadsheet which can be located on the desktop. The spreadsheet calculates the test parameters and results according the R41 noise emissions procedure. The R41 test procedure specifics are derived from the results of calculated bike data, gear selection tests, WOT tests and constant speed tests. The spreadsheet breaks these tests down into 5 sections over 5 tabs.

  • Bike Data and Pre-test Info
  • Gear selection calc sheet
  • Single Gear Results calc Sheet
  • 2 Gear Result Sheet
  • ASEP
  1. Enter data into the green cells in Bike Data and Pretest section, the values in the blue cells will then be calculated.
  2. Use the gear selection calc sheet to determine the test gear/gears
  3. Fill in the test results into the appropriate results sheet to calculate the final noise emissions results
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