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INSMessages / INSVirtualPoint1VELNED1

RT_SB_INS_Vpt1_Vel_NED_1: INS Virtual Point 1 VELNED 1

RT_INS_Vpt1_Vel_NED_1: 143, 1 (0x8F0120 + unit id) (0x3C1)

Bytes 0-2: Virtual point 1 North velocity (Vel N)
Bytes 4-6: Virtual point 1 East velocity (Vel E)

NED velocities are velocities in the local North, East and Down directions at the current location.

Velocity resolution is m/s * 1e-4.

NED velocity has components in the local North, East and Down directions. E.g. an NED velocity of 2, 2, 0 implies that the vehicle has a velocity component in the North direction of 2m/s and a velocity component in the East direction of 2m/s, and no vertical velocity component (the vehicle is travelling exactly on the flat). In this case, the vehicle is heading NE, and would have a speed of 2.83m/s (square root of 2*2 + 2*2 + 0*0).

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