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EditingTheWebsite / EditingTheWiki

Editing the Wiki

Adding a new section

New sections may be added to the Wiki through the following link:

To add the section, scroll through the list of articles until you find the place that you want it to go. If it is a totally new section (i.e. you want it to appear as a main heading in the tree menu), then prefix it with a “*” and then write it out in the following format:

* [[Hardware/DL1]]

N.B. The words that appear after the backslash (in this case “DL1”) will be the ones that are shown on screen.

If you wish to create a subsection, prefix it with two stars, put the title of the main section before the backslash. Again, the words that you wish to appear on screen should be placed after the backslash. A subsection of the DL1, for example, would be written thus:

** [[DL1/Quick Start Guide]]

Further sub-sub-sections may be added by repeating this process – adding an extra star for each level and using the title of the umbrella section before the backslash. For example:

*** [[Quick Start Guide/Logging data using the DL1]]

When you are happy, press the “save” button.

Editing the Wiki

When you enter the Race Technology Knowledge Base, you will see an icon over the main body of the text. Click on this to edit the Wiki.

You will be asked to provide your user name and password. Type these into the boxes provided and press “OK”. This will take you to the editing screen for the page that you are viewing.

To edit a different page, simply select the article that you want from the menu tree, wait for it to load up and press the edit icon.

Adding a link

To add a link, write out the name of the section that you wish to link to as it is show in the section above (minus the stars).

Before the closing brackets, add a vertical line and the text that you want to appear on the screen. For example, a link to the DL1 Quick Start Guide section might be written thus:

[[DL1/Quick Start Guide | click here for the Quick Start Guide]]

Saving a page

Underneath the main editing window for each section, you will find the following buttons:

Save – Clicking on this button will save any alterations that you have made to the page. It will also close down the editing page, and display the article as it will be seen by general users.

Save and edit – This button will also save any changes that you have made to the article but, unlike the “Save” option, it will not close down the editing page. This will allow you to continue editing the article.

Preview – The Preview option will display both the editing window and page as it will appear to the general user. This will allow you to check the progress that you have made and make any amendments. Note: The preview option does not save the work that you have done; it merely shows you what it would look like if you saved at this point.

Cancel – By clicking on this button, you will close the editing window without saving any of the changes that you have made.

Note: If you exit the editing window without saving any changes that you have made, these changes will be lost!

Adding diagrams, photographs and other images

To add a diagram, photograph or other image, you will first have to upload it to the section that you are editing.

When uploading an image, the file will only be shared with other articles in that sub-section/sub-sub-section etc. For example, an image uploaded to the main DL1 page will have to be uploaded again if you want to use it for the main SPEEDBOX article. Similarly, an image that is uploaded into a DL1 subsection will be available for use in other subsections in that group, but will have to be uploaded again for use on the main DL1 page.

To upload an image, click on the icon. You will find this above the main text of the Wiki. This will open up the attachments page.

Here you will see two boxes. Use these to select the file that you wish to upload and to name the attachment once it is uploaded. If you do not know the name of the file, click on the “Browse” button and use it to navigate to the place where the file is kept.

When you are happy, press “Upload.”

To add an image to an article go into the editing screen and find the appropriate point in the text. Now type Attach: followed by the name of the file. If, for example, you want to add an image, the file name of which is “trackmap.gif”, then you would add it to the editing screen in the following format:


The image will automatically align itself to the left hand edge of the screen. If you want the image to appear in the centre of the screen of the screen, then you must prefix the attachment in the manner shown below:


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