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ConfiguringTheDASH4PRO2Unit / ChangingTheExistingConfiguration

Changing the existing configuration

If you want to change the existing configuration and you already have the current configuration information saved into a DH4 file, simply load it using the File -> Load Layout command of the configuration software.

If existing configuration is not present as a DH4 file, then use File -> Read Configuration from Device command to read the configuration from the DASH4PRO. After the reading, make changes to the configuration and remember to save it for one of the following two formats:-

DH4 format
If you need to load and change the configuration later you must save the configuration into this format (Use File -> Save Layout command. There are no restrictions on the file name).
HEX format
When updating the DASH4PRO configuration using the Data Logger, saving to this format is required. Files in HEX format cannot be loaded into the Configuration software for further changes.
Page last modified on July 24, 2014, at 11:31 AM