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StepByStepGuideToDesigningASimpleOverlay / SavingAndLoadingOverlays

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Saving and loading overlays

To save your overlays to disk and re-load them again, use Save and Load command buttons in the tool bar.

  • Click Save button to open the "Save File" dialog
  • Delete the auto generated name of the overlay (OVERLAY_ddmmyy_ssmmhh) and give it a different name such as “My_First_Video_Overlay”
  • Save your overlay to the default overlay destination path where all factory designed overlays reside (as shown in the above screenshot).

Note: Overlay customization tools only lists the overlays saved in the default path. If you save this overlay to a different path, make sure you move the overlay to the default path before using the tool.

If your windows installation is on the C drive, the default overlay destination path will be:
C:\Users\Public\Race Technology\<User account name>\OverlayFiles

Page last modified on June 29, 2021, at 02:21 PM