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Honda Civic Type R


  • Honda Civic Type R FD2 2006 2011


No ECU configuration required.


Connection to the ECU should be made through the vehicles OBDII port:

PIN 6 CAN high

PIN 14 CAN Low

Race Technology CAN connections

Data Channel Listing:

ECU Message name Race Technology Data Channel Resolution of Data
HO_RPM Engine RPM (RPM) 1
HO_VEH_SPEED Speed from ECU (misc 4) km/h .1
HO_TPS Throttle Position (aux 1) 1%
HO_PPS Lambda 1 Long Trim (aux 4) 1%
HO_ECT Coolant temp (temperature 8) 1C
HO_IAT Inlet Pre Turbo 1 (temperature 2) 1C
HO_BRAKE_SW Lambda 1 Short Trim (aux 2) Raw Value
HO_ENG_IGN_RET Lambda 2 Short Trim (aux 3) 1deg
HO_WH_SPD_FL Lambda 2 Long Trim (aux 5) km/h .1
HO_WH_SPD_FR Fuel Inj 1 PW (aux 6) km/h .2
HO_WH_SPD_RL Fuel Inj 2 PW (aux 7) km/h .3
HO_WH_SPD_RR Fuel Inj 3 PW (aux 8) km/h .4

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

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