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DASH4PRO2 / TypicalDASH4PRO2System

Typical system

Typically the DASH4PRO is designed to be used directly with the DL1 data logger. It can, however, also be used with a number of our other products, including the DL2 and SPEEDBOX. It can even be connected directly to an ECU interface to display ECU parameters only.

Data Logger and DASH4PRO:

Data Logger, DASH4PRO and ECU Interface:

DASH4PRO and ECU Interface:


Note: If you intend to use the DASH4PRO as a standalone unit (i.e. without a Race Technology data logger or video recorder) connected to your ECU, you will also need to purchase the PC programming lead. This will allow configuration directly from your PC's serial port.

The different ways in which the DASH4PRO can be used is illustrated here.

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