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ECUType / MotorsportElectronicsME442CAN

Motorsport Electronics ME442


Race Technology

Connect Race Technology CAN+ to pin 21 of ME442

Connect Race Technology CAN- to pin 51 of ME442

ECU Configuration

The version 2.1.2-Beta-5 of the firmware has the CAN standard stream enable by default. Future versions will have a setting configuration where the standard configuration will need to be selected.

Channel listings

ECU Name

Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution

Engine Speed

frequency 1 Engine speed (ECU) VAR_1500 RPM

Throttle Position

aux 1 Throttle position VAR_2000 0.10%

Boost Pressure

pressure 5 Boost pressure VAR_3504 1mb

Intake Air Tump

temperature 1 ambient temperature VAR_1000 0.1C

Water Temp

temperature 8 Water temp VAR_1007 0.1C

Lambda 1

misc 1 Lambda 1 VAR_4000 0.01 L

Battery Voltage

misc 3 Battery voltage VAR_4002 0.01v

Note - Not all channels listed in the table(s) above may be available from your ECU. This can be dependent on the vehicle model & year of manufacture.

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