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Software / AnalysisV10

New analysis software – v10

V10 is a major development of Analysis, which many sections of the program completely re-written. The focus has been on modernising the interface, simplifying operation whilst improving speed.

Updated GoPro video support

  • All GoPro resolutions and frame rates supported.
  • The compact LRV file format also fully supported as well as the full resolution MP4s.
  • GoPro video is now automatically synchronised with Race Technology data based on GPS data.
  • New application to quickly join multiple GoPro MP4 or LRV “chapters” into a single video whilst preserving all the embedded GPS data.
  • Video export now 10x faster compared with v8.5.
  • All internal video drivers updated to support the latest PC standards.

Cloud (internet) based storage of the user’s data

  • All users data can now be optionally saved on the RT Cloud so it is available from a PC.

Improved variable handling

  • Global control for market type (Race, Industrial), and units type (Metric, Imperial or UK standard).
  • V10 has a single variable file that is used by all programs, so customers will no longer have to have to configure the same sensors in multiple places.
  • Variables are now better arranged in terms of categories and ordering to be more logical.
  • More maths channels (100), temperature channels (50) and auxiliary channels (50) for increased flexibility in complex installations.

Improved CAN handling

  • DBC files are now loaded centrally into the “Variable and DBC manager”, the CAN variables are then available in Analysis as well as live monitor and the run processor
  • Full support of all modes supported by the DBC format, in particular all multiplexing modes are now supported
  • Support for J1939 in all programs

Improved support for Google maps

  • Google map support updated in analysis to be faster and use the latest google API standards
  • Google maps also added to the live monitor program
  • Google map caching now runs in the background to pre-fetch data and improve speed

Note that V10 no longer supports VIDEO4 video, data from the original Mk1 and Mk2 DL1s. It also has a completely new format for workspace (RAF) and variable (VAR) files and these are not compatible between v8.5 and v10. Finally note that v8.5 and v10 can be installed along side each other if needed.

Page last modified on March 05, 2024, at 11:34 AM