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GeneralOperation / LEDIndicators

Understanding the LEDs (LED indicators of the VIDEO4)

There are four LED indicators on front panel of VIDEO4 to indicate status of the unit. It is important that users have fare knowledge on these indicators.

STAGE 1 (Just after power up/reset the unit)

All 4 LEDs will light up when the unit is powered.
Power LED will light up after initialising the devices and before loading the VIDEO4 firmware.

Error States
  • Recording LED will light up if the file system can’t be initialised. (Try changing the Removable CF card and restart the unit)
  • Status LED will blink continuously if VIDEO4 isn’t able to find the firmware file. Follow from STEP 2 of VIDEO4 Firmware Update.

Stage 2, Normal Operation

All 4 LEDs will light up again.

  • Power LED will appear in Stage I initialisation.
  • Data Input LED will appear in Stage II initialisation.
  • Status LED will appear in Stage III initialisation.
Status LED will blink if VIDEO4 is in the process of reflashing firmware to a device like DASH3.

  • Recording LED will appear in Stage IV initialisation.
  • Finally Power LED will light again to indicate the VIDEO4 has initialised successfully and ready to accept commands.

After booting, following LED indications are valid while running the VIDEO4.

  • If Power LED starts to blink, it is indicating an error state related to Removable CF card.
    • Once if there is no disk in Drive A:
    • Twice if the disk in Drive A: is full
    To recover from this state format the card or delete files currently on the card.
    • 3 times if the disk on Drive A: is too slow,
    It is not possible to record if the disk in Drive A: is too slow. To recover from this state reduce the bit rate of the video. If the same error occurs at the lowest possible bit rate the CF card in use is to slow and a faster card is needed. It is also worth trying to reformat the card again and power cycle the VIDEO4.
If you try to manually start the VIDEO4 with the front button, but the autostop is already true then the VIDEO4 will not start logging, to indicate this error condition the Power LED will briefly go out.
  • Status LED will light up for about 1 second and then blink few short blinks in a sequence indicating the number of cameras attached to the system.
  • Data Input LED will blink for valid data (either from the internal sources, or the external data port) and it will continuously light up when there is a GPS Lock.
  • Recording LED will light up when the unit begins to record a video and goes off when the unit stops recording.
If Recording LED starts to blink while recording, it is indicating that the Removable Compact Flash card is only having free space to record 10 minutes of video and about to automatically stop soon. Once the CF card has run out of space the VIDEO4 will complete all open files and stop recording.
When logging is terminated (by button press or automatically) then the Recording LED flashes rapidly to indicate that the internal buffer is being cleared and the files closed.

Low Power Mode

  • When the power goes low then all 4 lights flash and recording is suspended, if power returns the recording continues.
Page last modified on February 08, 2011, at 03:35 PM